ECCU 400

Initial Ideas

What does it mean to be a treaty person? Well that is a good question and I have no idea how to answer it…

Treaties are new territory to me.  They were basically nonexistent in my schooling until high school. However I still only had minimal exposure to them. It was something that my teacher just did not cover. We did learn about Indigenous people (pre and post contact) but it was brief and taught by my peers and I recall it not being done very well. However, I have peers from other high schools who they did learn about the treaties and it makes me wonder why I learned little to nothing, and they learned so much. We have a provincial curriculum which means we should all be learning the same content. However, upon thinking about it I realized this peer I think of took Native Studies in high school whereas I took History. So there lies a hole in the high school curriculum with there being more than one strand of social sciences.

It was not until I got to university and took Indigenous Studies 100 that I learned about treaties and that we are all treaty people. Now this is a phrase that has been engrained into my head over the past 3.5 years but to be completely honest I have no idea what that means. I know what a treaty is but I do not know what it means to be a treaty person. Throughout my time in this class, I hope to start the journey of learning what exactly that means.

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