ECMP 355

Me, Myself, and Ed Tech?

My name is Jordyn! I am from Kipling, SK but I am currently living in Regina, finishing my elementary ed degree! I enjoy Netflix, reading, Starbucks fraps, Harry Potter and Supernatural. One of my greatest life accomplishments is meeting the James and Oliver Phelps (aka the Weasley Twins!).


I feel as if I do not have as much experience with educational technology as I am sometimes given credit for. My internship co-op thought I was the best thing since sliced bread when it came to technology! Everytime she had an issue, she came to me and most of the time I could fix it and I have friends who come to me for advice on technology. However, most of the time I just google it and it is trial and error with the things I find. As for technology I am familiar with well that varies. I do have Twitter (you can find me @msharcourt) however, I have never engaged in anything aside from retweeting in addition to making my own tweets. I am new to this whole blogging scene so it is new territory to me. I didn’t actually have a blog until this point but now that I do I am excited to give it a go! In addition to this class, I am also blogging for two other classes so I will have plenty of opportunities to get familiar with blogs and blogging!

In addition to the those listed above, during my internship I was able to use a program called Class Dojo and my kids loved it! Class Dojo is both a website and an app and essentially you can give kids points for positive behaviour (ei. working quietly) and take points away for behaviour that needs to be worked on (ei. visiting instead of working). What is great about it is that the parents can create an account and see the points their child receives (parents can only see their child’s profile). As the teacher you can also upload pictures to that certain child’s “profile” or you can add it to the whole class story which all parents can see. Now there are many more details I can go into and this is just an overview! But if there was one technology I took away from my internship was ClassDojo!

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