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Why A Separate Curriculum?!

So the other day, I was scrolling through Facebook like every other university student who is procrastinating and I came across an interesting post on the UofRConfessions page…


I can relate to this person and the questions they raised. I am a soon to be graduate and I am looking forward to getting into the school to teach those tiny humans. And just like the original poster (OP) I am concerned about teaching Treaty Education and I have the same questions. So why do we have a separate curriculum? Is it so hard to integrate them? I guess the first question can be answered…the Government insufficiently integrated their culture the first time so instead of updating it, they made a second curriculum for teachers to follow. To be honest, I don’t really have much of an idea of where to go to find these outcomes but the Saskatchewan curriculum I could find in my sleep. I could probably Google it and find it eventually but I feel like that is a lot more work than it should be. I understand that integrating them would be a lengthy and somewhat difficult process but could we at least get an easily accessible link to the Treaty Outcomes on the Sask. website?

Another point that the OP made was that we have a separate curriculum yet we want to include Indigenous peoples without putting them on the spot. I understand where they are coming from and I kind of agree…I feel as if when we teach Treaty Education we are in a way putting those Indigenous students in our classrooms on the “spot.” Treaty Education is taught as a unit by many and then is never really touched on again. This idea makes the mandatory integration of Treaty Education kind of pointless. What is the point of having something mandatory if teachers are just going to teach it once and then never go back to it. That is why I agree with the idea of integrating the Treaty Education curriculum with the Sask. curriculum.

So the big question, where does this post and these questions take me on my treaty walk? Well, I feel as if I am taking steps backwards rather than forwards. It’s posts like this and the questions that make me wonder even more what it means to be a treaty person. If I cannot even find the outcomes on what I am supposed to be teaching, how can I find out who I am as a treaty person, let alone help my students figure out who they are as a treaty person.

One thought on “Why A Separate Curriculum?!

  1. Interesting post! I really don’t understand the separate curriculum, but I got my Ed degree in Montana where we have Indian Ed For All. As an undergrad, we were expected to integrate aspects of native culture into every unit we planned for a grade. Hopefully we can all learn and grow together to improve our knowledge (and spread that knowledge with our students)

    Here’s a link to the MT Office for Public Instruction and IEFA


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