Learning Project

Where to Start?

One of my assignments for ECMP 355 is to take up a new skill and turn to technology to learn said skill. So the first step I needed to take was picking a skill. At first I was like knitting or crochet! Both solid ideas that I know I could do but also very common ideas. So I decided to sit on it for a couple days. I tried Google but came up dry. I also asked my friends. One suggested juggling and I was seriously considering it. But then I thought about it and came to the decision that I wanted to learn something useful and practical. So even though juggling would be fun, I finally decided on crochet!

So now what?

Step one was pick a skill and that is done.

Step two is get the supplies. Well, I have that covered thanks to my friend Bryn! She has very kindly lent me a hook and some yarn!

Step three I guess would be find some online tech to get me started. First I am going to try YouTube. It seems like a good place to start, maybe find a tutorial or two. And while I do that I should figure out what it is I am going…

So wish me luck!!!


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