EPSY 400 Experience Logs

The Good Ol Hockey Game

Monday, January 30

Over the weekend, I spent a good portion of my time at the rink. This is not an uncommon thing for me to do in the winter. My brother plays hockey for the KW Oil Kings when he is home on the weekend from university, and my dad is the coach of the Kipling Midget Royals Provincial team but he and my mom like to go watch the house team on occasion as well. On Friday night the Oil Kings played in Windthorst, so we packed up the truck and away we went. After we arrived, we found our seats and watched warm-up as we waited for the game to start. Throughout the game, various announcements were made such as who scored the goals, who got a penalty and the game sponsors. My mom sent me to go buy her a drink and fries while my dad had me buy him 50/50 and keep the tickets as he was sitting outside. When the game was over, I caught myself thinking about what this game experience would have been like if I had congenital hearing loss…

Things would have been fine until we actually got the rink and the game had started. That is where I would have experienced difficulty. The first issue would be the announcements made regarding goals, penalties as well as the winning 50/50 number since my dad trusted me with his tickets. All of this would have to be signed to me by my mom or dad or else I would have been in my own little world with no idea what was going on. The next I guess difficult situation would have been ordering my mom fries and a drink as well as buying my dad’s 50/50. One of two things would have happened… 1. They would not have asked me to do it. They would have known I would encounter difficulties so rather than put me through that experience, they would just do it themself. 2.They would have sent me regardless and I would either be able to sign to the kitchen worker and 50/50 seller but only if they knew ASL. If they did not know ASL, I would have to try and say the words (ei. fries, drink) in addition to using hand gestures and pointing to get what it was I needed.


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