Learning Project

It’s Not As Easy As It Looks…

My first attempt at learning to crochet did not go as well…

I started off by Googling crochet for beginners and this is what I found…

Screenshot (10).png

Naturally, I clicked on the first link How to Crochet for Beginners – Instructables. It started off okay and was easy to follow. Each step is its own page and they use a GIFS with text to explain what is happening. Once I got to step seven, I was lost…so I unravelled what I had just done and started from the beginning but yet again step seven had me lost!

Heather (left) and I after the fire alarm went off in residence last year!

So I was stuck and I was actually getting frustrated with something that is supposed to be relaxing! So who came to my rescue? Well my friend Heather!! And who is this Heather you may ask? Heather is my current RA in Luther College but I met her last year at Luther College Residence. She knows how to crochet and when she saw me struggling she very graciously offered to help me out and put me out of my misery! She taught me a different way than the website as well as a better way to tie a slipknot. Despite this face to face teaching, I was still confused on what to do once I completed my row. So I went back to my original Google search and decided to try the YouTube video How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners: Part 1 that was second on the list. This video was actually very helpful!!! It was easy to follow but I did have to rewatch parts as I was going along. I found with this video I did not have to start over as often (ONLY ONCE ACTUALLY!!!) I got as far as one more row but then I realized that I had made it too tight and I was unable to continue. However, what I did make will make a nice bookmark (see picture below)! So what I have learned from this is that the face to face is not always as helpful and that watching a video once is not just enough (something I can apply to my teaching!)


My first attempt at crochet! This will make a lovely bookmark 😀



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