Learning Project

I Made A Thing!!!

After Monday’s attempt, I decided to take a second stab at crochet. I used the following video…

This is the same video I used on Monday. I found it easy to follow and just helpful overall. First I started off by creating a single row just like the girl in the video.
16466378_10154487622858198_2038929493_oMaking the second row wasn’t that difficult either…


Now this. This is where I got lost. I tried and tried and started over I don’t know how many times!!! It just wasn’t clicking. So I said to my friends “I GIVE UP!!”

However as I sat staring at it, I realized I wasn’t ready to give up and I was determined to figure it out! So I watched the video what felt like a thousand times and you know what happened?!

I GOT IT!!!! 


After that each row was easier and I got faster at it too. Eventually my hands started to get tired and I had a small, yellow square which I have decided is now a coaster!

16443729_10154487612723198_40370386_oSo now what?

  1. keep practicing
  2. get new yarn (I am getting tired of the yellow…)
  3. search Pinterest for something to actually make now that I know what the heck I am doing!

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