ECMP 355

Let’s Participate!

Last week in ECMP 355 we had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Alec Couros. Something that he talked about that stood out to me was that we are seeing three big changes in technology…

  1. content
  2. tools
  3. culture

Number three was the one that stood out to me the most because it combines the first two. Essentially what Alec said was that the change in content + the change in tools = a change in culture. One big change we are seeing in our culture is in regards to participation. People are no longer just consumers. We are now becoming contributors and we are producing original content. This can otherwise be described as a participatory culture. YouTube is a prime example. Today YouTube is full of people producing content and making their own original videos in addition to clips from TV shows and movies. Over the past couple years vlogging has grown exponentially at least in my life. Personally, when I first discovered YouTube I used it for listening to music and watching videos that I found to be funny. Today, I mostly watch vloggers such as Alx James  who post weekly videos detailing events that have happened. In addition to vloggers, I watch frequent channels such as Paint, Jenna Marbles and Fine Brothers Entertainment which each have their own original content that they have created that no one before them has really done.

In addition to Alec’s talk, we watched this video by Michael Wesch. Wesch gave an example of participatory culture in his video when talking about viral sensations. In particular he talked about this video…

Essentially, Wesch talked about how this video blew up and how people all over the world were then following suit. This is a growing trend and I don’t think it is every going to change. In the past few years, numerous challenges and dances have surfaced which people all over the world are copying. As times go on we are just seeing a change in content. A decade ago it was the Numa Numa dance, today it is things like the Mannequin challenge and Lip Sync Battles.

So how can we have a participatory culture in our classrooms?

Wne thing we can do is encourage students to participate in a positive way. So don’t be discouraging them if they want to participate. Be supportive. Show kids examples and challenge them to make their own. Challenge another class. The possibilities are endless! Basically, we just have to sell it to the kids. If we as teachers can get excited, then the kids will be excited. Some examples of viral sensations to get your kids participating include…

  1. Whole School Mannequin Challenge
  2. Teacher Flash Mob
  3. Ellen’s Dance Dare Teacher Edition


One thought on “Let’s Participate!

  1. Jordyn,
    You make some great points. I really like how you point out that we need to support kids if they want to put themselves out there. Also, I agree with you that if we are excited, the kids will get excited! This is something important to think about as educators because we need to be motivators and always enable students to learn. Being energetic and engaging is significant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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