Learning Project

Just An Update!

So it has been a few days since I last posted about my learning project so I figured it was time for an update! In my previous post, I listed a couple tasks that I wanted to complete and they are…

  1. keep practicing
  2. get new yarn
  3. pick something to make

I did practice and I would say I have gotten much better at it! My rows are looking tighter than when I started. Number 2 was the easiest to complete since all it required me doing was going to Walmart and looking in the yarn section for something I like. I found a nice blue as well as a grey. I couldn’t decide between the two so I ended up buying both, thinking I would use them both eventually! As for number three that is an interesting story…

I decided I was going to make an infinity scarf for my friend Jasmine since she so kindly suggested I make one. At first I decided to just wing it because that is the kind of person I am. Looking back on that it was a bad life choice. I realized after about 8 rows that I made it waaaaaaay too wide.

Literally me after I realized my mistake…

So I decided to follow my original plan of looking on Pinterest so I scoured the site until I came across this pin…



I thought this could be fun and I said what the heck! Let’s give it closer look! I clicked the picture and it took me to this website. So I downloaded the pattern and was instantly confused by it. So I found my friend Heather and she helped me decipher it. We did encounter a small problem… In the pattern, it says to crochet using the front loop which confused both of us! So Heather suggested just keep doing my single crochet. And away I went!

I chose to use the grey yarn (because grey matches everything) and have done about 6 rows of 200 and it’s turning out pretty good! Now according to the pattern, I am supposed to do 22 rows before repeating the process with a different colour and then sewing the two pieces together. Now I am not 100% sold on doing this. So what I am considering doing is doing 44 rows of just one colour and then I avoid having to sew them together as well as having to worry about them watching up.

So that’s all for now! Hopefully, all stays good and in my next post I will have a completed scarf to show off 😀

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