ECMP 355

What Do I Want To Be Found?

The week we talked about digital identities. With that came up the topic of what comes up when you Google yourself and it got me thinking…

What exactly does come up when you google my name?!

So I said to myself..


So I opened up a new incognito tab on Chrome (something I did not know existed until class this week) and proceeded to type my name into the search bar. This is what showed up…

Screenshot (12).png

So the first thing to pop up is my Twitter @msharcourt. Thank goodness! As mentioned in an earlier post, I do have two twitter accounts with the second being a locked Twitter. I am actually surprised that one didn’t pop up because the handle is @JordynHarcourt. However, I am glad and not complaining. That particular Twitter is for personal use only!

Something else that appeared was my blog! Also something good because not only is it a blog but my (unfinished) eportfolio. Something I would want future employers to see and I am happy to see if so close to the top.

Now Facebook does pop up but the funny thing is you cannot actually access my Facebook by clicking the link. Basically when you click it, it takes you to a post I tagged a friend in but you are unable to click on my name to take you to my profile. Something I am thankful for as Facebook is not something I keep 100% professional. It is for more personal use than anything.

Some other things that appeared where my Google+, YouTube and Prezi. All of these are things I wouldn’t mind a future employer seeing as there is not much on them.

There are a lot more social media sites and apps that I am involved in that do not show up in this search. Things such as my Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest do not show up in my Google search; even if you add them after my name. All of which I would also like to keep that way. Even Pinterest which is something I use for professional use but for personal use as well.

After Googling myself, I decided to search myself again, this time on Duck Duck Go (a website talked about in class which I forgot about until reading April’s post). I got very similar results except my second Twitter popped up but when you click the link, it takes you to the following screen…

Screenshot (19).png
This is exactly what I want people to see if they are to find this Twitter account of mine!

So how does all of this relate to me being a teacher?

In reality, I want to be on the internet as little as possible but as much as possible at the same time. What I mean by that is I want as little of my personal life to be found online but I still want to be connected professionally in addition to personally. I bet this all sounds confusing so I will try to explain. When my future students or their parents or a future employer go to search me online, I want everything they find to be professional yet showcase who I am as a person and an educator. So things like my blog/eportfolio and my @msharcourt twitter are all things I want them to find. What I don’t want them to find are my personal accounts. Those are for me to keep in touch with friends and family. But just because I am a teacher, doesn’t mean I am going to stop using sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. I want to keep in touch with the world and I have become used to being on these social media sites. They are apart of my daily routine. However, since I am going to be a teacher and will be a role model for my students, I need to take the precautions to stop them from finding anything that is considered unprofessional. So this means, taking those two seconds to lock my second Twitter as well as my Instagram. It means taking the extra time and putting in that effort to go through my Facebook and Pinterest privacy settings. And since I am in university, now is the time to do it; before I start submitting applications to potential future employers and it becomes too late.

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