EPSY 400 Experience Logs

Multitasking is Hard…

Monday, February 13

Multitasking is a keyword in my vocabulary. Whenever, I am doing homework, I always watch Netflix or listen to music. So yesterday, while doing this exact thing I out my earplugs in and decided to “experience” deafness. First thing that I had to do was put the subtitles on the movie I was watching which is something I expected I would have to do. However, things got hard after that. I found myself either watching the movie and not doing my homework or doing my homework and having no idea what was going on in the movie. I very quickly gave up on the movie because I had lost track of what was going on. I had to be reading the subtitles to know what was happening. Something I was not doing when I was focused on my homework.

What I learnt from this little experiment, was that watching Netflix or any show for that matter and doing something else is pretty darn impossible when you are deaf. It did make me finish my homework and then I could actually enjoy the movie, which was nice but not the point. My point is that I live for multitasking and that is something I would not be able to do to the same effect if I was deaf.

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