Learning Project

This is taking longer than I thought…

In my last post, I informed you all that I was going to use my newly learned crocheting skills to make an infinity scarf for my friend Jasmine. Well that was almost a month ago and I am not close to being done. So what I have decided to present you is a review of the online teaching tools I have been using!!!

I know what you must be thinking…why am I so excited to do this?! Well it means I can use all of the reaction GIFs and if you haven’t realized it yet, I love GIFs 😀 So let’s start at the beginning…

The first tool I attempted to use was the How to Crochet for Beginners article found on instructables.com. Looking back, this website had its good points but it also had some not so good (in my opinion). This article was a series of GIFs with text that accompanied it. The GIF’s were helpful as was the text but this website was just not for me. I realized I needed a video with a verbal explanation rather than GIFs with text. I would use this GIF to describe my experience with this website…

The next took I tried was a YouTube video called How to Crochet for Absolute Beginners: Part 1 and this video helped me alot. The girl went at a good pace and explained it in enough detail. I also really enjoyed the video format because I was able to stop and rewind. I also preferred to listen because I found it hard to focus on what I was doing with the yarn in front of me and read at the same time. If I had to describe my experience with this video with it a GIF…

And my most recent tool I have been using is a pattern I found online for my infinity scarf. The website itself is super easy to use in my opinion and the pattern itself is great! Super easy to follow however, it was a little confusing…I actually did the pattern backwards. So instead of 200 rows of 40, I am doing 40 rows of 200…but that is not the patterns fault. I just didn’t understand it and it took some deciphering. The following GIF describes my experience with the site and pattern…

So all in all, how would I rate my overall experience (so far) with learning crochet online?

it is just taking me longer than I thought to make my scarf, so I have only learnt the basics. I need to spend more time on my scarf so I can move onto learning something new about crochet.

So until next time…


5 thoughts on “This is taking longer than I thought…

  1. Crocheting can be a lot of work.. Finding this out from experience. I am finding it tough at times to learn from online sources as they cant answer my questions! Thankful for facetime and my mom during my struggles. I am also running out of ideas on where to go after my blanket. What have you done/what will you be doing after your scarf?


      1. I really want to complete the blanket I have started but then ill be running out of ideas to blog about. The ‘what next’ is a little troubling.


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