ECCU 400

What is with all the labels?

During last weeks seminar, one of the stations discussed feminism and treaty education. Something that was brought up whether or not feminism and Indigenous feminism can be intertwined. Something that came up that I found to be interesting was this idea that as a society we are so concerned with labels and having everything in some sort of category. This really had me thinking about how we always ask people to label themselves whether it be based on gender, race, religion, cultural background and I could go on forever. And this isn’t something that is new. It dates back for centuries. Just look at Metis people. They didn’t fit into the European label and they didn’t fit into the First Nations label but they were so desperate for a label that they came up with one. In the end my group came to the conclusion that feminism and Indigenous feminism are not two separate entities and that they could be intertwined; similarly to the Saskatchewan Curriculum and the Treaty Education Curriculum. If you think about it they are similar. Both are two things that we as a society put into their own little box when in reality we should just be able to combine them to be one. Imagine how much easier life would be for us as teachers if the Saskatchewan Curriculum and the Treaty Education Curriculum were combined to be one complete document! However, we can’t because WE ARE SO FOCUSED ON LABELS! We have to have everything in it’s own little box and it is honestly so frustrating!

So where does this leave me on my treaty walk?

Truthfully, this whole process has been leaving me confused which I think is the point? As the weeks go by, I am becoming more unsettled about the way we think. Take the whole labels thing I walked about above. Until now, I was okay with having everything in its own little box and I never really thought about it. However, now I am like are we so obsessed with labelling everything? Seriously…why is it a thing? If I could guess, it probably dates back to being a Euro-western thing…so I guess this seminar got me really thinking for what feels like the first time…

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