ECMP 355

Show Me ShowMe

This week our task was to pick an app or website that we are unfamiliar with and take some time to explore it. So I decided to take on the app ShowMe.

What is ShowMe?

The following is taken right from their website About Us page…

“ShowMe is a global learning community – a place where anyone can learn or teach anything. Our mission is to connect great teachers and experts to students across the world. The ShowMe iPad app lets you create lessons using a whiteboard. The app is free and there is no limit what you can teach!”

Naturally, the first thing I did was grab my iPad and look it up in the App Store and yes, it is indeed free. And just like the above description says, it is essentially a whiteboard on your iPad, however you can record what you do on this one. You do need an account but you can link it to accounts of other social media (ie. Google, Facebook, etc.). You do not need to make the account right away on the iPad but if you want to save your ShowMes, it will take you to the create/log in screen later.

Right away  when you first open the app it takes you to this screen. (I apologize for the slightly blurry photo)

It was pretty easy to figure it. At the top, going from left to right you have

  • DONE – which you press when you are finished making your ShowMe
  • Aa – this lets you add a text box
  • eraser button
  • add photo button – photos can be added from your iPad gallery, DropBox, Google Drive or you can take one right then
  • undo button
  • the record/pause button – this button you press and it records what you do on the screen as well as audio (you do have to allow the app access to your microphone for this to work), you can pause your recording at anytime
  • the pen colours – you just pick the colour of your pen by tapping on the colour
  • and finally, the arrows allow you to make a new page and go back to previous pages made

So there are two ways that you can make your ShowMe’s…

  1. press record and draw/write as you talk similar to how you would use a whiteboard in a classroom
  2. draw/write what it is you want, then press record and just flip through the pages you have already made; talking as you do so

When you are done recording…

  • push the record/pause button
  • head over and press the done button and you will have three options
    • save as complete
      • pushing this buttons takes you to a screen to review it before saving. There you can record more audio before saving or if you do not like it you can delete it
      • it will ask you to make an account here if you haven’t logged in
    • save as draft
      • saves the ShowMe for you to return to later
      • can also make an account here
    • discard
      • deletes the ShowMe

When you close the app and reopen it, you see this screen…(and again, I apologize for the blurry photo)

This page is pretty easy to figure out…

  • you have a create a new ShowMe in the top right corner (big red button)
  • you can create courses (found in the blue bar under my profile picture) which I found to be similar to making a playlist on like YouTube or Spotify
  • you can also see what people you follow and who follows you using the following tab next to the courses tab
  • beside that is activity tab which I have no idea what is supposed to come up
  • and finally there is the notifications tab which I am going to assume is where your notifications will be

ShowMe also allows you to create groups (found at the very top to the left of the red create tab). In groups you can…

  • share ShowMes
  • track student progress
  • post questions and assignments to the discussion board

Next to groups is explore. There you can explore other ShowMe’s made by other teachers as well as search for other ShowMe’s made by other people.


  • can either draw as you talk or draw first; not limited to having to “wing it”
  • can create groups to easily share and track student progress
  • it is pretty user friendly (in my opinion)


  • The free account is pretty limited in what you get. For example, you get only 1 hour of storage. A complete comparison can be found here
  • it is only on iPad (as far as I know since I only have Apple products…)
  • you can only create a ShowMe on the iPad

What is its place in the classroom?

I think this app would be very useful in the classroom, especially high school. Teachers could make the slides ahead of time and record themselves teaching to the class, posting them later in the group; similar to what Katia does in ECMP. One thing that would have to be figured out is projecting the iPad but in this day and age I am sure it is possible. One thing I can think of is using an HDMI cable that is designed to connect iPads to projectors. I own one and it is magical! 10/10 recommend! Anyway…back on topic…ShowMe is great. I like it.

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