ECMP 355

Let’s Go On A Coding Adventure!

This weeks task was coding. We were to either make a video on Scratch or do an Hour of Code. I chose to do an Hour of Code; mostly because I enjoyed playing around with it in class and I wanted to explore it further. My first task once I got to the website was picking one to play. I did the Flappy Bird one in class and got stuck on level nine, so I avoided that one. I eventually decided on Puppy Adventure by Tynker.

I was promptly taken to this website and I saw the following screen…

I clicked get started and well you can watch the rest…

And now I present to you…QUESTION TIME!

What did I learn?

  1. it is not as easy as it looks
  2. that you can only complete more levels if you sign in/make an account
  3. I hate the lady’s voice and it scared all of my friends away as I did this in the lounge of my residence
  4. Pixel is not a smart dog
  5. taking a “fiver” is alright when frustrated
  6. coding can be fun
  7. it can be both a relaxing and stressful experience
  8. Pixel’s owners are very forgetful people
  9. coding can be valuable to students (this required research)

What do I think of code?

At first when I heard we were going to be doing coding, I was not excited and I was actually scared. All I picture when I think of coding is a bunch of letters, numbers and symbols put together

that make absolutely no sense to me. It seemed daunting and was something I thought only really smart people who knew there way around a computer could do. I think of myself as pretty good with computers but I picture people like Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds surrounded by computer screens, just typing away.

But after Katia showed us these websites my eyes were opened. Coding can be fun and easy. I never thought of coding to be kid friendly either. However, initiatives such as Hour of Code make coding not only seem like fun but they make it relatable to kids. You literally have hundreds of options, from Moana to Minecraft. There is literally something for every kid that would relate to their interests.

Why is coding important?

At first, I wasn’t really sure why coding was important but with a quick Google search, I soon discovered the answer. The first article I read was from It mentioned how their are lots of jobs in today’s world that require people to know how to code. Obviously these jobs require more complex coding than helping a puppy find his family but the idea behind teaching kids young is that it gets them excited about something and sparks their interest that will maybe one day lead them to a job in the coding field. Some other reasons listed in the article are: coding can help explain the world, it develops problem solving and computational thinking skills and overall, coding is made fun with sites such as Hour of Code. A second article I found to be beneficial and comes from Tynker (the makers of the Puppy Adventure I mentioned earlier). In this article titled Four Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Program they explain four reasons why kids should learn to program. Out of the four reasons, number four(programming doesn’t have to be hard to learn) was my favorite because it is true! Websites such as this make it so easy for us as teachers to teach our students so why shouldn’t we teach it?! Coding is something I see myself teaching my students because it is so easy. So in short; coding is good; they can learn many things from it; I will teach it to my future students.



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