EPSY 400 Experience Logs

In A Deaf Person’s Shoes

Monday, April 3

On Saturday, my ECCU 400 class went on a field trip to Fort Qu’Appelle. One of the experiences we were to engage in was listening to an Elder speak at the site where the Lebret Residential School was. What ended up happening was us listening to the Elder speak in a back alley a few feet away from the site. When the Elder started to talk, he was very soft spoken and I found it difficult to hear. In fact, I am not 100% sure what he actually talked about. Today during class, I came to the realization that this experience would have been how someone who was deaf would feel in everyday situations. I had no idea what was going and I just kind of stood there, looking at my surroundings. I laughed when others laughed and if the Elder gestured somewhere I looked to where he gestured. As the hour went on, I found myself getting more restless since I was not engaged in the experience since I couldn’t here. This is how I feel a person who was deaf would feel in everyday situations. So for that short hour or so, I got to actually experience what life would have been like as a person who is 100% deaf.

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