ECMP 355

Contributing to Others Learning

I am going to be completely honest. I somewhat lacked in this department. I probably could have contributed more but that doesn’t mean I didn’t contribute at all. It just was not as much as I would have liked to.  So let’s begin this summary of my contributions to others learning…


Over the course of the semester, my involvement on Twitter went from lurking to contributing. I was retweeting and quoting in addition to sharing resources I found on websites such as Pinterest and Facebook.  I am the type of person who “hearts” tweets especially if I found them to be helpful. I see that as a way of  showing my classmates that what they have shared is beneficial to my learning.

Throughout the semester I doubled the amount of people who I follow as well as doubled the amount of people who follow me. Go Me! I also engaged in the ECMP Ed Chat in class and really enjoyed it. It was an awesome way to share and connect with others. I would have loved to participate in a SaskEd Chat but I had a class on Thursday nights but now that the semester is over I am going to try one out! I also engaged in conversations on Twitter and ask people questions about the different resources they had shared! It went well and my colleagues were always eager to reply. To end this little summary I thought I would share one of my favorite moments on Twitter. I had replied to a tweet of Shania’s (pictured below) in which she had shared a Kid President video. Kid President is my favorite and I highly recommend checking out his videos (which can be found here)

And here is my favorite part. Brad Montague (one of the creator’s of SoulPancake which is the YouTube channel behind Kid President) liked my tweet! This seriously made my day!!!

So overall, I feel as if I was pretty successful on Twitter and my goal is to continue using Twitter in the future.

Google Community:

So here is the thing with the Google Community. I didn’t really post in it much…if I had a question I would either just Google it and see if I could find a video or I would ask a classmate in person. I find it difficult to try and fix something by just reading about it. I need to either have someone show me how to do it or watch someone else do it on a video and follow along; which was something that was confirmed in my learning project. Now I bet you are wondering about what I did when other people posted questions. Well here is the thing…one of two things usually happened when I was looking at the questions posed by my classmates…they were either already answered by the time I got there

or I just didn’t know the answer.

Now if the question was already answered and I agreed with an answer, I tended to +1 it, instead of commenting. I view giving something a +1 the same way I view hearting something on Twitter; it shows the person I found it to be helpful or that I agree. Now sometimes I got lucky and I knew the answer to an unanswered question or an opinion similar to mine was not already stated. So in those instances, I did comment such as in the photos below.

Becca was looking for a way to upload lesson plans so I helped her out!
Class DoJo – part one
Class DoJo – part two
Class DoJo – part three

If I found something to be useful, I tended to share it on Twitter over posting it in the Google community, but there are exceptions to that rule such as in the picture below.

I had shared a website for converting files into different forms


Now this is where things get tricky…out of the three platforms we used, commenting on blogs was definitely one where I sucked…

I kind of forgot about it if we are being honest…I would check the blog hub and read others posts. I would make a mental note to go back and comment because I was usually on my iPad and every time I forgot!

However…I did remember exactly three times. I commented on a post of Shae’s, a post of Shania’s and a post of  Maria’s. I feel as if the comment I made were useful and helped them know what they were posting was something either I found useful or just to communicate I like something. I have included screenshots of the comments below.

My comment on Maria’s blog post
My comment on Shania’s blog post
My comment on Shae’s blog post








So overall, I think I contributed far more on Twitter than any other platform and it is a platform that I plan on continuing to share on. Where as with the other two, I could have done better but I at least tried them out and got to experience two new platforms that I had never used before.

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