Learning Project

It’s Closing Time…

So, it is time to wrap up my learning project and well….



The skill I chose was crochet and I was successful at teaching myself how to crochet using the internet!

However…I only was able to teach myself one stitch (a single crochet) and I never actually finished a project (I have a half finished infinity scarf). But the point of this assignment was not the final product but the process.

And to be truthful, I found the process of teaching myself to crochet online not that difficult. I very quickly learnt that using videos is a lot easier than trying to read about a stitch. I was able to physically see what they were doing whereas trying to read about it was darn near impossible.

Once I taught myself a stitch, I had to find something to make and that was extremely easy thanks to Pinterest! I had thousands of ideas at my fingertips. It took some time to actually find a pattern that was free and I could understand easily as I am still new to this. The pattern I did end up using was pretty user friendly and I was able to get through it with minimal help from my friend Bryn, who is a crochet expert!

What happened next was my own fault…I just had issues prioritizing my scarf over all the other assignments. It kind of got pushed to the back burner. And then all of a sudden, it is April, the semester is over and my scarf is only half done…

And now I give you a timeline of my journey:

  1. Where to Start: in this post I discuss what skill I have chosen and set myself some goals
  2. It Is Not As Easy As It Looks: in this post I take you through my first attempt at trying to learn my first stitch
  3. I Made A Thing: in this post I take you through my second (and a successful) attempt at learning a stitch and set myself some more goals
  4. Just An Update: it was time to update everyone on my progess with the goals I set in the previous post. This post takes you through how I decided to make a scarf
  5. This Is Taking Longer Than I Thought: I didn’t realize how long making a scarf was going to take so in this post, I give a brief review (as well as a GIF to explain my feelings) of the different forms of technology I used to get me to this point.

So that is it I guess. My goal is to finish my scarf now that the semester is over and I will leave you with this GIF to express my feelings.


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