EDTC 400

Hey There, Hi There, Ho There!

Top: my parents, bottom left: my brother, bottom right: Kazz

Hi everybody! My name is Jordyn and I am an Response to Intervention Coach in Wawota which is located in Southeast Cornerstone School Division. I grew up in a small town called Kipling, aka home of the World’s Largest Paperclip, with my parents and little brother. My dad is a phys ed teacher turned career counsellor for Prairie Valley School Division, my mom is a hair dresser turned school librarian and my brother is currently a sophomore and member of the NCAA Division II Golf Team at Minot State University in North Dakota. I also have a dog named Kazz.

My favorite place in the entire work is the Kipling Swimming Pool. I have spent my summers working at the swimming pool in Kipling, starting as a lifeguard and eventually working my way up to manager. I have taught swimming lessons the past two summers and have absolutely loved it. I love the pool and spending my days outside. My staff actually jokes about me living there and I am not going to disagree with them. I spend a lot of my day there even if I am not working…

I completed my B. Ed in May 2017 and have just started the journey to getting my Certificate in Teaching Elementary Math through the U of R. I really enjoy Disney movies, Supernatural, Harry Potter, tea, Starbucks, sloths, Bitmojis, smelly stickers and colourful pens. I also am an avid Netflix watcher. Currently I am binging That 70’s Show, Grace & Frankie, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale and Bill Nye Saves the World.

I do not have much experience with using technology in the classroom, mostly due to the fact I do not have much classroom experience. Outside of my internship, I covered a maternity leave in Kipling for May/June of 2017 and then I accepted my current job which has me out of the classroom. I didn’t use much technology in either my internship or my maternity leave contract. However, I am excited to expand upon the knowledge I gained in ECMP 355 and get some new ideas to hopefully implement in my future classroom.

So that is me in a very small nut shell. You can check out this page if you want to learn some more!

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