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Is Tech Making Us Unhealthy?

Another week means another debate! This week it was my turn to battle it out with Rebecca to decide whether or not technology is making us unhealthy. For this debate I chose the agree side. Before I even started looking into the subject, I was on the agree side. Kids today are spending more time inside on tablets, computers, watching tv etc. and less time outside, playing. Once I began looking into things, I started to agree more and more and even noticed some of the things I was finding are in my own life. I spend way to much time watching TV, my sleep patterns are not the greatest because I lay in my bed on my phone instead of going to sleep. I went into this debate thinking that nothing could sway my mind.

During the debate, I found myself still agreeing that that statement but I also found myself thinking that maybe it is not the technology that is making us unhealthy. During the debate, I do believe it was Webster that brought up that we are just using technology as an excuse to be healthy. This has stuck with me ever since. As a society, we are spending more time engaging in a sedentary lifestyle. We watch more TV and play more video games than before. The thing is, it is a choice. We are choosing to do this. No one is forcing us to watch Netflix for hours on end, or spend the entire night awake playing video games. No one is also forcing us to stay inside; we choose to. If we are not careful we might end up like those people in Wall-E. You know the ones. They live in chairs, do nothing but eat and watch TV. We as adults need to break the cycle. Kids follow our actions; monkey see, monkey do. So if they see us engaging in a lifestyle which involves lying around, they will follow suite. We need to show them that there needs to be a balance between using technology while still being healthy individuals.

So where do I find myself after this debate? Well, I maybe do not 100% agree with it. Rebecca may have swayed me a bit over to the disagree side as she did with a couple other people as we saw in the post vote. I think my mind has changed to view the problem as not technology but how we are using it is.

One thought on “Is Tech Making Us Unhealthy?

  1. Awesome blog Jordyn!
    Your debate was very interesting and I think that you both brought so many great points. I definitely agree with your ideas and that everyone should realize that it is our choice to step away and get outside to do something that isn’t ‘x-box’ related. Kinda ridiculous that we have to have that knowledge or idea to step away from a TV or iPhone.
    I definitely agree with both sides of this debate and I think that the idea of technology being a choice is incredibly important with this because we are capable of setting it down.
    Great job on this debate!


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