EDTC 400

Should We Quit or Take a Break?

Well ladies and gentleman, we made it! The final debate in the Great EdTech Debate series and what a great debate to end it all with! This week it was Morgan vs. Noah and their job was to convince us whether or not we have become to dependent on technology and should just unplug. Both sides made some pretty convincing arguments but in the end I found myself somewhere in the middle.

If you were to ask me right now, this second to completely give up technology and social media forever, I would say you are crazy and that was never going to happen. Without technology, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post right now. I wouldn’t be streaming music through Apple Music at this moment. I wouldn’t be able to stay in contact with my friend who is living overseas. These are just a couple things but I would probably go on and on about things that would not be possible without the use of technology. However, I am not saying that we do not need to unplug sometimes. Taking a break from technology and social media in particular, is something we need to really start taking seriously and doing more often. I personally, take a break from it all when I got visit my mom’s parents. They live in a tiny village north of Yorkton called Lintlaw and in Lintlaw cell service is basically not existent. At my grandparent’s house, service is spotty and there most bars you are going to get is three but only in two spots: upstairs near any window and downstairs in the bathroom but only by the window. At first, I was upset and didn’t really ever want to go but now I really appreciate the break from it all and I appreciate the break when I do get to a space with service. So this is an angle that I think needs to be pushed more. Asking people to just give it up, quit cold turkey is never going to happen in my opinion. People have tried but something always brings them back. I have had friends who have “quit” Snapchat, Facebook Instagram, Twitter etc. Generally they stay off of it for a while but something always pulls them back. Maybe it’s having to know what everyone is up to or they were just bored without it. Who knows. Essentially, what they have done is just taken a break. The very definition of quitting is leave (a place), usually permanently. So have they really quit or just taken a break?

Overall, this debate was really a good way to end the debates. It really got me thinking about my own technology and social media use and that I maybe need to consider taking more breaks from it all. The world doesn’t revolve around technology, yet we treat it like it is the sun. We survived without it, so I think we can survive putting it down for a couple hours, which is my plan in the future. I hope to see others also taking a break but not giving it up altogether. Technology has opened so many doors and it would really be a shame for those doors to be left unopen. 


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