EDTC 400

Summarizing that Learning!

So here we are! My summary of learning for EDTC 400. What a semester it has been! Hard to believe that it is already April and I am making this blog post! It all went by so fast! This time around for my summary of learning, I decided to use a program that I saw myself using in the classroom. On Twitter, I kept seeing tweets for a website called BookCreator. Essentially, this website lets you make a book! This really caught my eye. Alot of teachers were posting the books their students had been making and they all looked so awesome! I didn’t find a bad thing about the site! It was totally free to make my account, however like any website there was an option to pay to get some better perks (ie. more space for books). You can also connect it to your Google or Office 365 account. There is an iPad app that you can pay for but I choose to just use it on my MacBook and iPad using Google Chrome on both. It was sooooo easy to use and I can definitely see why teachers love it so much! It wasn’t complicated to figure out how to add pictures and text. I liked using it on my iPad the best, especially when I wanted to use the pen function to write. Only real downside, was that it only works in Google Chrome. Since I was not wanting to purchase the app, I just downloaded Chrome onmy iPad and it worked just fine! Highly recommend BookCreator!

Anyhoo, let’s get down to business!

Here is my summary of learning!

2 thoughts on “Summarizing that Learning!

  1. I loved your book!! Great job on your summary of learning! I feel like my theme is very similar to yours- EDTC 400 was certainly a journey or a quest!


  2. Hey Jordyn,
    The site you used looks really cool and I’m kind of upset I didn’t know about this before I started working on my own summary of learning. I’m super excited to watch this in class on Tuesday!


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