EDTC 400

The Final Blog Post

So here we are! The final post of my time in EDTC 400! It has been a heck of a ride and I enjoyed every moment of it! One of our assignments this semester was to mentor a couple of EDTC 300 students. I was teamed up with four awesome ladies and they made the experience all the better! However now that the semester is done, it is time to look back at this experience and reflect on it.

The process of mentoring Jessi, Manuela, Debbie and Alyssa was extremely rewarding. It was really awesome actually! I was able to read their weekly blog posts and learn about different topics related to ed tech. Some of the topics were similar to when I took the course but others were brand new. So it was great to see what these four ladies had to say and learn more about the different resources they were sharing. Something else I really enjoyed was getting to read about their learning projects. I was able to learn about their topics along side them and it was awesome! I also learnt that it is important to keep up to date. I quickly found out that I needed to pick a day to just go through their blog posts and make some comments. So every Sunday night, I grabbed my computer and read their posts. It really helped to set a date and time to do this to make sure I was keeping up to date. Through making comments I was able to get better at making constructive and helpful comments. At first it was hard. I have struggled with making comments on report cards for both swimming lessons and teaching so this was a great opportunity to get some more practice. Over the course of the semester, commenting got harder.

However, even though looking at their blogs went great, Twitter was the real challenge. I kind of forgot that we were supposed to be interacting with our mentees until Katia mentioned it in like week 11. So that was my bad. I mean John Oliver can sum it up pretty good! It was hard balancing the mentoring with everything else and Twitter kind of just slipped through the cracks. I was able to interact with them a few times during those last couple weeks. So I mean, at least there was some interaction.

Overall, I was really glad that we were given the opportunity to mentor EDTC 300 students. Jessi, Manuela, Debbie and Alyssa were awesome to mentor! It was awesome to see them grow their online identities. I really wish that I had had a mentor when I took the course! I hope it is something that is continued! It was awesome for me and I really hope it was just as rewarding for the EDTC 300 students! So this is is and I am going to leave you all with this GIF.

Click here to see my log of interactions!

One thought on “The Final Blog Post

  1. Hey Jordyn,
    Twitter was definitely the hard one to keep up with for me too while working with the “mentees”. It looks like you were able to comment on blogs quite a bit throughout the semester which is great! I loved getting to be in class with you this semester and truly loved you love for sloths haha!


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