About Me

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I just want to thanks again for stopping by my blog and checking out not only who I am as a person but who I am as an educator.

World’s Largest Red Paperclip

I grew up in a small town about 1.5 hours south of Regina called Kipling. Fun fact about Kipling, it is home to the World’s Largest Red Paperclip and the Great Saskatchewan Bacon Festival. Yes that is a thing and yes, tickets sell out every year.  I loved growing up in a small town. Everyone knew everyone. No one was in a hurry like they are in the city. I knew my entire graduating class which was a whopping 35 people. You could stop in the middle of the street and have a ten minute conversation with someone in a different vehicle. It was great!

I convocated from the University of Regina in 2017 with a Bachelor of Education, specializing in PreK-5. Funny thing about my degree is that I did all my placements in schools in grade four. So it is safe to say, I really like grade four. In January 2018 I made the choice to go back to school to work towards the Certificate in Teaching Elementary Mathematics through the University of Regina! I am really excited to be back in student mode and working towards this certificate!


Credit to Kovach Photography

I come from a small family which is full of teachers! My dad is a teacher as is his brother, sister and dad. I guess you could say teaching runs in my blood, but then again most teachers come from a family of teachers. A few years ago, he made the move from PE teacher to career counsellor for Prairie Valley. My dad is also a big sports guy especially when it comes to hockey. He coached my brother for his entire minor hockey career and is heavily involved with the Saskatchewan Hockey Association. My mom works in the Kipling School as the librarian but is a hairdresser by trade. She also loves figure skating. Patrick  Chan is her guy. I have just one sibling; a little brother. He is currently attending Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota and plays on their NCAA Division II Golf Team. He also is big into sports, especially hockey, just like his dad. He has a couple of provincial titles under his belt in both sports. I also have a dog named Kazz. In my opinion he is the cutest little dog in the world. We have had him for about ten years and I cannot remember what life was like before we got him. A dog can really change your life, and that is exactly what Kazz did to mine and my family’s.


When school is out for summer one can find me at the Kipling Swimming Pool. I started working there in high school and I still work there during the summer months. I started out as just a junior lifeguard but eventually I made my way up the ladder to the manager position. I love this job. I get to be outside all day. I get to interact with members of the community through teaching swimming lessons, guarding public swim and my favorite thing of all; teaching aquafit! The older ladies make my day and always have the latest town gossip to share! My staff always joke about me living at the pool because I am always there. They are not wrong and the Kipling Swimming Pool does become my home away from home during the summer. I have given that pool many summers and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I am a die hard Saskatchewan Roughriders fan; through the good times and the bad. But then again, who in Saskatchewan isn’t? I am always down to go to a game. I will snowsuit up if I have too. As a matter of fact I have on a number of occasions. People from Saskatchewan will do almost anything to watch some football. Safe to say, I am one of those crazy people. As long as I can be in Mosaic Stadium watching my Riders play, I will do anything! I also enjoy watching baseball (Go Jays!) and hockey (Go Leafs Go!). Volleyball is another favorite sport of mine and I am actually a level one certified volleyball referee. My dad was the one who got me into refereeing and I enjoy every moment of it.

So I think that is it. Oh wait…there are just a couple more things. I love Starbucks, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Sloths, Disney Movies, smelly stickers, Ketchup Pringles, taking photos underwater (Thanks Lifeproof!), and Bitmojis. Okay, I think that’s all. For real this time! Please feel free check out my other pages. Clicking here will take you back to the home page where there is a list of all the pages or you can use the menu bar at the top!