My Planning Process

The first step in my planning process is to refer to the Saskatchewan Curriculum because this is my guide. The outcomes are the end I want to get to and the indicators are going to help me get there. I would then go into making a year plan which would guide me throughout the year to make sure everything outlined in the curriculum has been covered. A year plan will also keep my accountable and make sure I am not feeling rushed at the end of the year to get everything done. My next step is to make a unit plan using a template I got from my coop during my internship. Once this unit plan is complete, I begin to look for materials to go with the specific lesson on Pinterest, Google and Teachers Pay Teachers in addition to textbooks provided by the school. After I find something that works, I plan the lesson itself. I break my lesson up into three sections: lesson starter, activities and wrap-up. I also include a spot for the outcomes and indicators, assessment (formative or summative) and modifications.

A blank copy of my unit plan template can be found here!

A blank copy of my lesson plan template can be found here!

More examples can be found on my unit plan and lesson plan pages.