Teaching Philosophy

I believe that each child is unique and learns in their own special way. Every child comes from somewhere different and brings new experiences to the table. Along with this each child has their own way of learning whether it be auditory, visual or kinesthetic. For a child to be successful they need to be taught in a variety of ways that uses all three ways. It is my job as a teacher to find and pursue activities that can help every type of learner. By teaching in a variety of ways each child will be able to reach their maximum potential. I feel as if I have a teacher have failed if each of my students is not trying their best at everything they do.

I believe that as a teacher it is my job to make sure each child feels safe enough to take risks in my classroom. If a child does not feel safe then what is the point of them being in my classroom. If the children do not feel safe they will not take risks that could benefit them in the long run. I want to challenge my students. They may not want to accept these challenges if they do not feel safe. And by safe I mean that a child feels like they will not be made fun of for failing or succeeding. So along with that, I will strive to have a bully free classroom. Children will not take risks and try new things if they know that someone is there to make fun or tease them. I do not want my students to always be living in fear while in my classroom.

I believe that teachers should not discriminate. Every child comes from a variety of backgrounds and I need to go into that classroom with an open mind. I need to clear my mind of any stereotypes I may have about cultures and treat every student the same. This will help with their learning because I will have the same expectations for all students. Every student has the potential to succeed and I cannot be bringing in previous stereotypes thus hindering there performance in school.

I believe I have to try my best to try and understand each and every student. Each student is coming from a different home life. Some may have it better than others and I need to be accommodating of that. I will try my best to get to know my students and find out where they are coming from. I want to be able to relate to my students and know if something is bothering them. I grew up in a small town where going to school was like having a large family. Teachers knew when you were having a good day and when you weren’t. They knew if something was wrong and would try to help if possible by making themselves available to talk whenever.

I believe that all children have the right to an education. Every child has the right to learn and should be able to go to school. Children need school. School helps them with their social skills, literacy schools, development and so much more! Every child should be able to come to school and not only have to learn but want to learn! It is my job as the teacher to make sure that every child gets excited about learning and wants to come back to school.

In conclusion, my goal is to achieve the above things so children will like school and want to come back to learn more. The above statements are my teaching philosophy and are what I would like to see myself follow. If I can successfully do each and everyone one of the above statements, my classroom will be exactly what I want it to. Every child should want to come to school and I should be one of the reasons they want to come back every day. If I can achieve all aspects of my teaching philosophy, hopefully I will instill that wanting to come back in my students.